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                     Our Vision

     To educate, equip women and/or the entire family with an unplanned pregnancy regardless of their race, creed, and/or religion, to prepare for a better future for them. In spite of language barriers there are educational and spiritual resources at our Center that are beneficial for inner and outer growth.

     At Mia’s Hope  we offer Christian Counseling to help find their potentiality and capabilities to excel in life.  We believe in the saying, “Give a man a fish and he will come back for more but, teach a man to fish and he will become self-sufficient”.  ​We truly believe that women, men, teens and children can learn at any age and become more than the eye can see.

About Us

     Mia’s Hope Pregnancy & Resource Center is a Christian based entity.  We seek to help women & family members not just with an unplanned pregnancy but, by providing many needed classes as well.  Our classes consist of Parenting, Childbirth, Addiction Support Groups, ESL classes for those with language barriers, Spanish, Teen Abstinence (we also go to Public Schools & teach on this) and Counseling is FREE when you attend our Support Groups.  All our SERVICES are Free & Confidential.  All of these classes are essential in order to acquire growth inwardly as well as outwardly.  Through Christian Counseling we offer healing the scars of a miscarriage, prior abortion, physical, mental, verbal abuse with love and understanding.  We also offer free baby items through our Aspire to Acquire Points Program.  Give us a call and ask us how it works.  

 About the


      Egla Saldivar - Martinez took College Courses at a Biblical Institute & worked at the Hannahs Heart of Hope Pregnancy Center as Executive Director,working and helping other women to overcome guilt.  She soon found herself seeking ways on how to help others more efficiently.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling and sought out to open a Pregnancy & Resource Center to help others through education, counseling and guidance in order to acquire a better lifestyle. 

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