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Our History




     In May of 2016 Egla Saldivar- Martinez had a thought and a dream to open a wellness center and began the process to bring this to fruition.  She had this deep desire to help others and not just women but, the entire family.  As the day to open became a reality she soon realized that she had to adhere to the entire family. Giving help to the entire nucleus would benefit not only the woman and baby but, it would become a better outcome for all involved. It began as a Pregnancy Center but, soon realized that Mia's Hope needed to reach out to the entire family because it's not just about the woman giving birth but, helping all that are involved in the birth and well being of the entire family. Mia's Hope has evolved into a Pregnancy and Resource Center for women, teens and men in Humble, Texas.  

     Egla knows without a doubt that helping these others would have a huge impact not just on these families but, on her own life because she knows off hand what it's like to feel alone and abandoned.  She herself went through being a single mother with no other family member involved until she received help from a pregnancy center and today she wants to pay it forward by helping others to also overcome.  Egla has the compassion, love, patience and understands what it is like to feel as if you have been forgotten but, because of her faith and tenacity she found her identity and made a better life for herself and child.  She is now married and has another child and have made a better life for all involved.  She believes that if she made it so, can others. 


     Egla and her husband Juan are Bible Study leaders in their community and delight in seeing the Lord transform the lives of many men, women and children. They have the passion to embrace their struggles and help others to overcome just like they have. Egla holds a bachelors degree in Christian Counseling, an ordained Pastor and loves to counsel others to find solutions for a healthy lifestyle. 




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